After 5 long weeks, my campaign has hit the top of the page on Pozible!

At only $40 to go I asked, who wants to knock Turnbull off the top spot?

Oh my god! After 45 long days, how sweet it is to see that tally tick over: 100%!!! Wow!!!

Wow, $15,000, 36 hours to go and still going strong! Thankyou to all for your support! The success of this campaign has caused me to reflect on my values, and enabled me to make a rather large decision:

For months, I’ve been liaising with the printer in Asia. ‘Everyone’ prints in Asia these days. It’s ‘cost effective’, they say.

Well, stuff cost effectiveness I say! The effectiveness of this campaign, the generosity of your giving – has reminded me of why I got involved in this stuff in the first place – to keep our communities strong.

Which means, I’ve decided to halve my print run from 2000 to 1000 books so I can afford to print in Australia – Victoria no less. I want to cut down the carbon miles, be confident of the sustainability of the forests that have been logged for the paper its printed, to support local business…I want to stand by my principles – like you all stood by me.

I won’t make money out of it. But I will feel good about it. And I hope you will to. You have yourselves to thank for that. I do.

There’s 36 hours left if you’d like to pre-order your ‘Made in Australia’ copy of this truly unique Australian story.

The closing days of Pozible

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