Not only did my campaign reach $10,000 overnight, but it also reached Ireland!

My dream is coming true!

Is crying, endless tears of gratitude…

A few weeks ago in a writing workshop, an author talked about what it feels like to spend years of your life writing a book – a book that means something, that is part of you, that is you – she talked about the pain of facing and then sharing your soul, how much you pay for it on so many levels, how many tears you cry.

How if you had known all this, you never would have started. But it is your belief that your story can do something, somewhere to help change the world, that keeps you going…I sat there listening, silent tears streaming down my face.

She was speaking for me. A colleague was watching me. He didn’t say anything. He knew.

Today, I’m having one of those days. I’m still in my pj’s. I’m hungover. I’m sick of campaigning. I hate my book. I wish I’d never started. How did he know? He just donated $1000, because he knows – without even knowing me that well – what this book means to me.

Thankyou Adam Cauley – your generosity is humbling xx.

$10,000 Mark and a True Friend and Believer Shares

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