There have been many times over the past 4 years, the past 12 months particularly; I thought this day would never come.

Perseverance is a marvellous thing. So are friends, family and unknown barrackers at the end of a status update.

Yes, today is the day my books arrive! Today is the day I clap eyes on the object of my dreams – literally! For days now, I have had nightmares about opening that first box, to find its been printed upside down or with pages missing or… yes, Saving St Brigid’s has been a labour of love for such a long time, that I welcome this new day with a sense of nerves – definitely; excitement – undoubtedly; but with a very acute sense that a certain chapter of my life is over, and a whole new one is about to begin…

Today I am officially a published author!

Today I am officially a published author!

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