You know when life just ‘gets on top of you?’ Things pile up, little things don’t go your way, procrastination sets in – and suddenly these all add up to affect your general mood and outlook on life? In the last month, I’ve been emailing someone in Ireland to ask a favour. No response. I’ve been avoiding going to the doctor for a blood test (I hate needles and nearly passed out last time). My (expensive) toaster died and each morning, when my toast burns on the grill, I curse the toaster and berate myself for not fixing it (of course I don’t keep warranties for such things) so it just sits there reminding me of something else I haven’t done…Well, yesterday, I woke up and decided to go to the doctor. Got straight in, nurse ready and waiting, needle straight in, blood out (that’s not how its worked in the past). I also emailed that person in Ireland – this time they emailed back, happy to help. This morning I rang the company who makes the toaster. No receipt required, a credit card statement will do – happy to fix it. This morning at work, I got an urgent call – a book we sent to Jon Faine at ABC hadn’t arrived in time – people swore and I had to drop everything to drive it into him. On my drive, I listened to his guest talking about ‘place and the nature of belonging’ and thought, ‘maybe he might be interested in my book as well?’ Maybe, who knows? But what yesterday felt would never happen, today feels entirely possible.

It’s amazing the difference a day makes. One little break and suddenly the universe (or is that me?) seems to respond…I think its called ‘being in the flow’…

Moral of the story? Negativity gets you nowhere, procrastination holds you back…when things go ‘wrong’, look for the good. Keep at it. Decide what kind of day you’re going to have, don’t let it decide for you. Relax and enjoy the unplanned drive back into the city. Be nice to the customer service lady at the end of a big corporate telephone. Laugh with the nurse taking your blood. The universe is listening!

Life is too short, and too precious not too.

“Be mindful of your self talk – its a conversation with the universe”

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