Now there’s an image I haven’t seen in a long time – 1000 books coming off the back of a truck – my books no less! I remember the day the first print run arrived at my house – petrified that I’d somehow stuffed it up, I tore open the first box before it’d even came off the truck and then cried with relief that it was all in order. The delivery man looked rather bemused.

There’s far less emotion involved this time, five years on, but still rather a lot of nervousness. 1000 books is a lot of books! I would never have taken such a financial risk had it not been for Michaelie Clark of Collins Booksellers Warrnambool, who has long told me the requests still come in, as they do at St Brigid’s, and via Mum and Dad. 

So when Michaelie told me that ‘we will sell them’, I believed her, because as she says in this articlebook-selling relies on a ‘genuine relationship’ between customers, publishers and authors alike. True to her word, there she was at St Brigid’s last Saturday, selling books at the launch of Archie Roach’s beautiful memoir, a wonderful celebration of an incredible man and musician – who played such a pivotal role in saving St Brigid’s. 

And it struck me how Michaelie is, like me, another cog in the story telling chain. Some of us sing, some of us write. Some of us manage the production while others do the printing. Someone has to transport the goods. And someone has to be as passionate as Michaelie is, about local stories, told by local people, to continue to sell a book long after it’s first been launched. 

And so since it is the giving season, if you’d like to gift a copy to a loved one, or perhaps its time to gift yourself with the copy you lent and never got back (as plenty of you have told me!) then please go to my website to order yours. 

Or better yet, phone up or pop into see Michaelie at Collins Booksellers Warrnambool – because its people like her that keep these stories alive. 

Thanks Michaelie, and thanks to all of you, my readers, who’ve continued to support me all these years on. The simple, one line responses I get to these (very irregular!) emails, always make my day. 

Merry Christmas,


P.S If you’re writing your own story, drop me a line. I can help.