Chords of community in a country church protest song

“Above all Lane invites the reader into her own journey. It takes her from a country life lived in the shadow of St Brigid’s to the city where she seeks to find her place in a broader world, working in

Southwest community’s tale of Saving St Brigid’s

Victorian Premier Denis Napthine will launch a memoir in honour of their church’s battle for survival. Saving St Brigid’s is the unique story of a rural Australian community who, in the spirit of their Irish rebel ancestors, fought against the

Why I am compelled to act

“Some distance south-west of Bendigo at Crossley, a small coastal community between Port Fairy and Warrnambool, in the recent past there was another hot controversy over a place of worship. But there the focus of community rancour wasn’t a mosque

Saturday’s with Hilary Harper

The motivation for Regina to write the book came from a feeling of responsibility to her descendants to share their story. Saving St Brigid’s traces Lane’s family migration from Ireland, after the famine, to Killarney. It tells the story of her family’s

Book Advisor: Saving St Brigid’s

“Saving St Brigid’s, by Regina Lane, has a number of interconnected themes. At one level it is a David and Goliath story about a group of passionate and determined locals who are determined to save their parish church in spite