Today’s review all the way from Alice Springs!

“A sense of community is so special, way too rare in our society, and to know that your community somehow withstood all that you had thrown at you as the underdogs, and managed to come out on top, makes you all very special. What grit you all had. Congratulations on a great heartwarming read, and on winning the battle”, Marg Collins.

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Thanks Kate Gilbert for the awesome review!

“If you are interested in any of the following things, I highly commend Regina’s new book to you: community, what the church brings beyond religion, how the Catholic church as an institution has failed itself, family, sisterhood, transformation of rural towns, Irish culture in Australia, social action, campaigning, bullying, parenthood, South West Victoria, communities again….

Saving St Brigid’s is a thought-provoking, inspiring, and very enjoyable way to traverse all these serious topics. I wish I could buy it for all my friends but I encourage everyone to buy it for yourself. You won’t be disappointed. Though the ending I found very sad  but all power to The Friends of St Brigid’s Assoc Inc to keep up the good fight. You’re all amazing.”


Saving St Brigid’s

Hardback, 30 pages of colour photos, map. Delivered in 7 days within Australia. Part proceeds of this sale will go to The Friends of St Brigid’s Association.

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