Bridin Books

The unique story of an Australian rural community who, in the spirit of their Irish rebel ancestors, stood up for what they believed in.


Precis written by Fr Frank Brennan, SJ, AO

“Saving St Brigid’s is a modern parable about belonging in a rural setting where so many are heading for the city and out of the pews. Crossley is a microcosm of migration from Ireland to Australia and then from the bush to the city.

Irish heritage and Australian folk music mix poignantly with Mary Black, Shane Howard, Marcia Howard, Archie Roach and the late Ruby Hunter rendering in song the parallels between indigenous dispossession and the alienation of the faithful from institutional religion.

The ecclesiastical decision to sell of an old church, unleashes the Irish Australian spirit of justice for the oppressed, anti-authoritarian transparency and compassion, in the face of economic rationalism and managerial orthodoxy.

Claiming back the buildings erected on the hard won savings of their ancestors, a band of disparate parishioners point the way of humility and openness that churches must now follow if they are to resurrect from the ashes, appropriating the learnings of the royal commission into abuse”.