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The unique story of an Australian rural community who, in the spirit of their Irish rebel ancestors, stood up for what they believed in.

"Be mindful of your self talk - its a conversation with the universe"

Posted by Regina Lane on May 31, 2015. 0 Comments

You know when life just 'gets on top of you?' Things pile up, little things don't go your way, procrastination sets in - and suddenly these all add up to affect your general mood and outlook on life? In the last month, I've been emailing someone in Ireland to ask a favour. No response. I've been avoiding going to the doctor for a blood test (I hate needles and nearly passed out last time). My (expensive) toaster died and each morning, when my toast burns on the grill, I curse the toaster and berate myself for not fixing it (of course I don't keep warranties for such things) so it just sits there reminding me of something else I haven't done...Well, yesterday, I woke up and decided to go to the doctor. Got straight in, nurse ready and waiting, needle straight in, blood out (that's not how its worked...

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"As a Catholic Australian, I’m not proud at all to be Catholic"

Posted by Regina Lane on May 26, 2015. 0 Comments

-Thanks Kristina Keneally for telling it how it is: "The Catholic church proved its utter irrelevance in the referendum result. The Catholic bishops told Irish voters that children had a right to a mother and a father. What about a child’s right not to be molested by an ordained father? What about a parent’s right to trust that a bishop won’t hide a paedophile priest in their parish? The Irish people, once so willing to heed to the clergy, decisively determined that Catholic bishops possess little credibility these days when it comes to knowing what’s in the best interests of children".



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Who will give women their rightful voice in the Catholic Church?

Posted by Regina Lane on May 08, 2015. 0 Comments

Having just spent 3 days in Sydney, at a Bishops Conference, where everyone talked about 'a Church led by the laity', I felt nothing but uncomfortable at Mass, watching a dozen bishops and a handful of priests on the altar - 'where are the women?' - was all I could think. On the phone, my boss is putting the pressure on about my frontlist for the year to come - 'have you thought about publishing a history of the Catholic Church in Australia?' I didn't leap at the idea, I have to say...

I get back into the office, to find a letter from a priest in Sydney, an author, literary critic and also of Irish blood, congratulating me on 'Saving St Brigid's', and 'The Church on the Hill' - "both histories of a parish told from the pews. When someone comes to write a history of...

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Sharing a dream for the world - Vale Sr Catherine Kelly

Posted by Regina Lane on March 18, 2015. 0 Comments

This graceful lady was my first ever professional employer. I have Sr Catherine to credit with so much of what I have learned about the world, my own country, its cruelties and injustice, and yet its gentleness and beauty - thanks to people like her. An Irish woman, (born in St Brigid's Kildare, of course), she helped me connect my own Celtic heritage story with Aboriginal Australia - and how that shaped me, walking this country, here and now. She taught me about St Brigid, and helped me to find the feminine in God, in nature. She helped develop me as a writer, an activist, a public speaker - as I aspired for her strength in grace. She taught me how to care for myself, the importance of embracing the arts and culture - how these things too, were a form of prayer. I wrote an article on her...
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Small World

Posted by Regina Lane on May 13, 2014. 1 Comment

My neighbour in Abbotsford randomly turns up at St Brigid's in March because he plays in an Irish band...first discovery...and buys a copy of my book for his sister, who lives in Sri Lanka. My friend is on her way to Sri Lanka I say, and we figure out that my friend is friends with his sister - second coincidence...

So Renita packs her holiday reading and off to Sri Lanka, and stays with her friend Denise briefly before she heads off on her own holiday to the Seychelles island - off the coast of Kenya.

Denise is sitting on a beach reading my book, ala the pic below, when a woman walks down the beach, and says 'I'm reading that book!' The woman - I don't know who - is a great friend of Teresa O'Brien and bought my book during the Pozible campaign! Small world hey?!

I think...

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Victorian Premier Denis Napthine to launch Saving St Brigid's at Koroit Irish Festival

Posted by Regina Lane on April 22, 2014. 0 Comments

"22 April, 2014 2:50PM AEST

The south-west Victorian community of Crossley is celebrating following the news that Victorian Premier Denis Napthine will launch a memoir in honour of their church's battle for survival. Saving St Brigid's is the unique story of a rural Australian community who, in the spirit of their Irish rebel ancestors, fought against the Catholic Parish that wanted to sell their church."


Such a huge moment for me and the Saving St Brigid's memoir, to have a long time friend and important Victorian present my book in the Koroit Irish Festival.  Words cannot express the emotion right now for this recognition from a respected member of the community.


You can watch the Q&A here with Ken Gale, Denis...

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Reviews from near and far

Posted by Regina Lane on April 15, 2014. 0 Comments

Today's review all the way from Alice Springs!

"A sense of community is so special, way too rare in our society, and to know that your community somehow withstood all that you had thrown at you as the underdogs, and managed to come out on top, makes you all very special. What grit you all had. Congratulations on a great heartwarming read, and on winning the battle", Marg Collins.


With another just below.

Thanks Kate Gilbert for the awesome review!

"If you are interested in any of the following things, I highly commend Regina's new book to you: community, what the church brings beyond religion, how the Catholic church as an institution has failed itself, family, sisterhood, transformation of rural towns, Irish culture in Australia, social action, campaigning, bullying, parenthood, South West Victoria, communities again....

Saving St Brigid's is a thought-provoking, inspiring, and very...

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Post Launch Bliss

Posted by Regina Lane on March 19, 2014. 0 Comments


The sun sets on a life changing weekend...Words cannot express how special it was for me to launch my book in that 'Church on THIS hill' last night, but the smile on my face and the magic of this place might explain...


I am feeling the best I've felt in months...sun is shining, the launches are done and best of all, I'm driving the Great Ocean Road for the weekend!
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Koroit Visit

Posted by Regina Lane on March 05, 2014. 0 Comments

That was surreal! After a run up the Tower Hill steps, I popped into Earthwalker shop in Koroit (yes, Koroit has changed!) to drop off a launch poster, when I overheard this couple enquire at the counter, 'Do you have that book, Saving St Brigid's?' Reg and Mary are from Marysville, and saw a poster down the street...they were very excited when the shop owner pointed to the girl in running gear pouring over the sacred stones, and said 'perhaps you can get the author to sign it for you'.


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