Saving St Brigid's by Regina Lane
“This is one of those books that comes along once in the blue moon. The kind that arrives unheralded, without literary pedigree or fanfare, without glitz or commercial appeal. And it blows your socks off. No summary can do it justice. To say that it’s the story of the efforts of an Irish-Catholic community near Tower Hill in Western Victoria to save their local church is probably yawn-inspiring. And yet Regina Lane, whose family history is intimately bound up in this church, has written a passionate, rousing, historically significant page-turner that, as Shane Howard puts it, transcends the ‘‘local now’’ to raise big questions about power, justice and the spirit of place. As the story of a community’s struggle to be heard by a complacent church hierarchy, it’s also extremely topical at a time when the Catholic Church is under scrutiny for other abuses of it power. A truly wonderful tale”

Fiona Capp, The Age

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